Sunday, November 05, 2006


bought a new one. we were considering a used one, and then decided to get the new one, because of the financing deal (1.2% over 4 years...a steal if you ask me on financing) anyways.. we got a pathfinder. it's a big mofo truck. I like it.

been a few hairy days of driving here.. the minivan is okay...and would actually be fine with snow tires probably. But where I work, I take a big highway out's 4 lanes 1/2 way there...and then goes down to 2. Well for somereason, as soon as we get to the 2 lane hwy, it's like the roads clam up and all the road work/sanding/salting ends there. The rural road i need to take is only 2.5 km from the main hwy. unplowed, un salted. unsanded. a sheet of ice. Not that a pathfinder will save me, but I'm sure with the 4x4 mode, it will be a definate help in the crazier days.

always wanted a 4x4 anyways. most likely will handover the keys to the minivan in a few months anyways...the lease is almost up.

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