Sunday, November 05, 2006


i've lost a lot of weight. I'm complaining about it though, because i hate to shop for myself for clothes. What's frustrating, is that this is my 3rd round of buying clothes for myself because my pants are literally sagging everywhere. yeah yeah, complain say. I should be rejoicing, but it's a pain in the ass when you finally found nice fiting pants and they're all too big. I bought a belt and hopefully I can extend their use. Stacy and Clinton from WNTWear say to have things altered by a tailor... I may just explore that for the pants I have. I have some awesome Levi's that I'd love to get altered.
Must beware of the halloween candy that i've been devouring this ass may just fit the pants if i keep going like this.

finally, I've found a store where I don't fret about the prices, and they even have tall pants there. oh...and big deal for me! I fit their regular sizes! I fit the13 pants, and the xl tops. Go me! That's down a couple sizes from last year for sure. Anyone who's shopped the plus size departments know what a milestone this is.

Need new bras too.. my girls have shrunk. Yay for that... but boo for bra shopping. can that get any worse that swimsuit shopping?

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