Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well, it snowed about 10cm again last night, and it warmed up to about -10ish. The wind was blowing a bit, so I'd say it was colder than that, but it was nice enough to bundle up and go outside for awhile. The kids absolultely love it, and it's kind of like a massive dirt pit for them, as they dig, plow and play for a long time. Mandy loves it out there too, and can't get enough of play time when we all are outside. Even Shatzi came out for awhile, but gave me a bit of attitude when I covered him with snow. He then proceeded to go inside again. Party Pooper.

I rarely get good pics of Mandy, but finally snapped one that I love.

By the way...look at how Ethan's nose has healed! You can barely notice any redness anymore!
Cameron has a scratch/puffy eye from falling into a sit-up bench at my sisters, FIVE MINUTES BEFORE WE LEFT FOR HOME!! unreal.


  1. Anonymous 12:01 AM

    That is a most excellent picture of your girl!

  2. Mandy is so gorgeous - great picture!


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