Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Having a blah week since getting back from BC. Trying to get back into sewing, and can't seem to get my mojo back. Hopefully soon though! I've done a few scrapbooking pages in lieu to keep up with my crafting. Nothing special, but something nonetheless.

So blah though...I have no energy to do much. I'm fighting a cold though which I've been using ColdFX as people have recommended. Well, it seems to put it off for a few days, and then the cold symptoms start to reappear again...then I coldfx it again, and a few days later it comes back. So, I'm ditching the meds. I'm sick of fighting off a headache daily and the pressure in my head and the weakened body feeling. I'm going to let this cold take its natural course.

My guess is my blahs are due to returning back to reality here. Perhaps it's the cold as well and my body just isn't up to it's normal self.

it's not pms so I can't blame it. I'm going to try and force myself to get productive again today and hopefully I'll conquer this funk! There's just way to much of life that is passing by right now!


  1. We have had two BEAUTIFUL spring like days here in BC. The rain returns tomorrow. Finally this dark gloomy cloud seems to be lifting. I can't wait for spring. I am so desperate for the sun that I took my students outside for a math lesson yesterday. They loved it too. I know our winter isn't anything like yours, but the rain does take its toll on me

    Miss ya

  2. Andrea try some raw garlic! It stinks but if you aren't feeling well you probably aren't around many people anyway ;) Mix a couple of cloves of garlic into some diced tomato, balsamic vinegar and olive oil - serve on toast as bruschetta!!! Its yummy and gets rid of colds fast - or stops them in their tracks - so much better than cold fx and so much cheaper!!

    I haven't had one cold this winter and I swear its because of garlic!

    Feel better soon!


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