Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Theresa, I'm in Port Moody...and of course, I don't have your phone number..I know the prefix, but that's it! And of course, I can't access or find your email, and this is the only place I thought you may read!! Email me at my telus email, and I'll call you back. I'm here though, and hope we're still on for Wednesday!

Everyone else... I'm in BC for the week, visiting friends and family. The smell of the trees here is incredible!! I so miss it! I never got to post about it because it was last minute, and on Friday before we left, we were delayed and interrupted by Ethan smashing his face into the corner of the coffee table... which resulted in the all day excursions to the medicentre and then children's hospital. Ethan received lots and lots of stitches from the plastic surgeon in and up (a long way up) his nostril. He's much better now, but is a bit swollen and turning a few colours that are now surfacing. Plus he's a little numb and looks like he's had botox to his upper lip region. I hope that's just swelling and not nerve damage!

Anyways...post again soon, most likely when I get back on Sunday!

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