Friday, February 29, 2008

Winter Makes for Weird People here on the Prairies

Jane - the following is not at all about you. :)

Why can't I meet some normal, down to earth people that don't have tons of baggage, or bring their lifes problems to the table all the time? Am I the only one around here who is somewhat happy with my life, my kids, my marriage (aside from living in this crazy city)?
I'm totally in a rut of boredom and non-engagement lately (winter has taken its toll on me), but part of it stems from the fact that I'm so frustrated with not having NORMAL people to engage with. Most people I have met here are just so freakin weird!!!

I'm taking a break from one of the forums I frequent...people there are starting to appear nutso. Or maybe they always have been, and I'm just really noticing it now.

I'm better off dis-engaging. I'm just so sick of not knowing normal people!!!

Is it the petroleum refineries that are polluting the air around here, theerby destroying people's sense of reality????

I'm venting, but this is freaking weird!

Maybe I'm the crazy one. Probably.


  1. Oh my God it IS me isn't it? We scared you off!!! It was me calling my Daughter evil, allowing my children to run around the place unsupervised annoying the waitress and my Son showing his penis in the middle of the restaurant...what can I say????? He's proud of his appendage!!! Isn't that normal?????? ;)

  2. Oh and if its the forum I think it is, yes, they always have been ;)

  3. child stripped his pants and boots in the restaurant too. They must have a crush on the waitress *lol*

    No you didn't scare me off...actually I quite enjoyed myself. I love your kids...just wish I could have engaged them in conversation more :) Next time! They're very sweet.

    Really enjoyed meeting V too, she seemed really grounded.

    My vent wasn't because of this breaky...just a sum of things combined. I just felt like pulling my hair out suddenly!

  4. Oh shoot! And C too...she seems like a very busy person!


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