Sunday, March 02, 2008


What a great weekend...Trent and I spent most of the weekend dreaming and pondering our future, spent time with the boys.... When I mean dreaming and pondering our futures, we pick a possibility (today was open up a Cobb's Bakery in South Carolina) and then discuss all the pitfalls, and hopefuls as well with the idea. Weird I know. But that's how we got to where we are, so it can't be that weird. 11 years ago (omg almost 12 now!) we would lay in our bedroom of our basement suite rental and hash out how to get out of his mail room job and where we would be 10 years from then.

Trent made a divine roast on the bbq yesterday, with roasted potatoes/onion/carrots and a very fancy salad as well. Glass of wine and ice cream for dessert made for a great night. I love when he cooks, he's so good at it.

Bought Ethan&Cam a new toy yesterday, a playmobil dinosaur set. I'll probably pick up one more kit to go with it, they are just loving it so much. They set it up in and amongst the trains (or rather the trains amongst the dinosaur stuff). The next kit has a little safari type car with a trailer cage and a few more skeletons/dinosaur things for the dinosaur experts. I'm always amazed at the playability of some toys vs others.

We had an easy weekend, little to do, and Trent had little work on his mind, which is always good. I pointed out that he was less stressed this week. He pointed out that his boss has been away for the week. *lightbulb*

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