Thursday, March 15, 2007

Country Schools

So I'm setting up this talent show for the school, and I had all the kids who wanted to be in it, audition for it.

The difference between a country school and a city school is great. For one, I've only got 1/2 the population as normally occurs in a city school. The TYPE of performances are so cute.

Grade 1 student wrote a poem called I Love School, which she will be reciting.

Singing? All the singing gigs are COUNTRY songs.

Dancing? Not a heck of alot of these. But the ones I have, are not the lates rap song, top 40 or r&b ditty. The dances are to KIDS cd's. Crazy Frog, Kidpop and Raffi. What the???? I was expecting some really good funky dances like I've seen before. Girl groups with their heavy makeup and skimpy outfits on...just like in the city.


and for instrumentals? I have the token piano pieces that one would expect, and GET THIS... I have a BANJO performance!

Gotta love it.

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