Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spring Break

Our Spring Break is a week later than others, I don't know why, but it is. Nonetheless ,we are heading west bound to our wet coast again. I'm excited to stay there for the week and really soak in what we are missing. Perhaps the traffic, congestion, and dampness will turn us off and we'll be happy to stay in th frigid prairies.

Perhaps not.

The sunrises this week have been outstanding. I drive directly east into the sunrise which is a bitch when you're trying to navigate the road. But, becase the road is straight, I usually stare off into the rolling hills and the snow covered fields and watch the sun rise.

The snow is melting quite a bit, as we have a warming trend happening. Thank god. I cannot wait to see grass again. although it will be all brown and dead. I think what people here really appreciate is the distinct seasons. When the grass finally sprouts green, and the trees finally burst their leaves, we are transformed into a colour world again. It really makes you appreciate the spring when arrives.

However,...I sure miss my hydrangea at this time of year on the west coast, beginning their blooms of periwinkle and fushia. I miss bold red of the azaleas in my parent's yard... I miss the cherry blossoms creating a pink blanket on the green grass.

I'm coming home!

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  1. It rained all of last weekend and it will be doing the same this weekend plus most of the spring break. Maybe the sun will be ready to show it's colour by the time you arrive. Believe me you do not miss this weather. The ground is so saturated it is nothing but mud and puddles. Not much fun for me and a toddler.


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