Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sick yet Again!

We had a 2 week hiatus from being sick. Yippee! And onto another bug. Kids have a cold, I'm getting it, and Trent has it too. Only bad thing is that Trent has a stomach flu on top of it. I'm sure that's going to run it's way through the household.

We have never been so sick in our entire lives since moving here. Trent especially. He never gets sick. This year? 3-4 stomach bugs and colds frequently. I now just monitor the healthy times I have. Such as the last 2 weeks of feeling good. Well, scratch that. I had a minor nausea bout last week for 1.5 days. Couldn't scarf anything down, nor could I move as swiftly as usual.

Oh well, we're keeping the kleenex and toilet paper industry in business.

Sounds like a bunch of bitchy postings about my health. But fuck, when you're constantly sick as we have been, you tend to get bitchy.

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  1. Is your dh as useless as mine when he is sick????? He brought home the damn bug last weekend and moped around here complaining. Ellawynn and I then contracted it and I spent all week with a snotty cranky baby who also got her immunizations on Thursday and also cut through 2 new teeth to boot. Looking after kids when you are sick is no fun, but what can you do!!! DH is sick again this weekend and has been useless in helping out. All he does is sit on the couch and complain and blow his nose. I hate sick men!!!!!!!!!!


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