Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thread anarchy

Dear cotton threadmakers of the world,
Please, please please, can you please make a thread that doesn't break, fray, shave thin and then break, or fluff to bits for me?   This happens whether I am on the machine, or sewing by hand. Is this a ploy to get me to buy larger spools?  Because I need to since I go through so much of it. Is this a ploy for me to try sister brands or competitive brands?  Because I have and they are all the same.  I even spend the extra bucks at my local quilt shop.    I'm tired of it.   I'm moving to polyester.  

Dear cotton thread advocate quilters of the world,
Please don't judge me for using polyester thread.  I realize that the extreme strength of my polyester thread will far outlast my cotton fabric, thereby eventually causing rips and tears from the needle holes where the thread has travelled through.    I realize that my quilts will not be considered heirloom quilts and be loved and adored by someone 50 years from now.   I hope not.  By then, the dust mite issue will far outweigh the heirloom issue., and well, just as fashions change, so do quilt styles.  And if I actually got that famous to become an historic heirloom quilter, you can note this in the history books - I switched from cotton to poly in 2009,  creating a movement of polyester thread using quilters!! 

Dear sewing machine and sewing needle makers of the world,
Please make me a sewing machine that will not shred, shrivel and stretch my cotton thread.  Don't patronize me with the spool or bobbin "tension" spiel.  The only tension issue I have is the tension headache that has evolved this afternoon with my quilt and thread issues.

Dear Readers,
If you have found the miracle thread, please let me know. 

Otherwise, Guterman Polyester it is.   I've used it for years faithfully on everything else needle and thread related, and it's been a peanut butter and jam friendship ever since.   In fact, I want one of those incredible rainbow mega spool boxes of it.  Just for me. 



  1. Don't give up yet! Try using Mettler silk finish all-purpose thread. I like it for quilting and used to use it all the time for piecing. It does lint a little. And be sure you're using a big enough needle, at least a 75/11. Though purists will tell you you need sharps for piecing, I secretly get away with quilting needles for piecing.

    My new favorite piecing thread is Auriful. I think it's 50 weight, but don't quote me on that. It comes on an orange spool. It's much less linty than Mettler.

    For quilting, I love King Tut.

    I don't have breakage problems with any of these.

  2. sorry you are obviously frustrated! I go back and forth depending on the color I need and what I have on hand - but don't tend to have problems with either one. I might try that Auriful that Cheryl mentioned I found a huge selection at

  3. Hey, we all do what we want. Here is what I do now and I've been very happy of late - especially since I kicked Sulky to the curb.

    I get these giant cones of Cansew thread for piecing. I have one in grey for coloured pieces and one in an off-white for all light piecing. I've even quilted with the off-white too. They are workhorse threads and for piecing I don't use anything else.

    My newest love for quilting is Precensia. Love this stuff! It isn't cheap, but it it worth it. In all of the quilting on my grass quilt it didn't break once. Not even when I reached the end of the spool and the thread end was taped to the spool and it broke my needle, but not the thread. It still is linty, but way better than Sulky. And I clean the lint as a matter of habit everytime I change the bobbin, regardless of what thread I'm using.

    I know you can buy Presencia here in Calgary at Along Came Qulting and My Sewing Room. I know you can order from Along Came Quilting on-line. No idea if anyone in Edmonton carries it.


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