Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Treasures...

I picked up a new (to me) coffee table from craigslist yesterday.  We purchased a crummy cheap one from home depot last year, that literally peeled and fell apart.  I couldn't stand it anymore.  We were holding off until we move to a new home (whenever that may be!) but this pleather ottomon style table came up for $70 and I snatched it up.  It's like new and suits our home nicely.   I didn't photograph it, as it's holding a Cars vs Dinosaurs showdown right now in the living room.  That, and my kids are still in their underwear.  They don't do pyjamas for some reason. Well, they do..but they are peeled off within minutes.  Do yours?  

The same people however were also selling a quilt stand which I happily snatched up for $20.  I'm really happy with it!  It's in a corner for now until I figure out where to put it.  Isn't it nice?  Now, I feel like a REAL quilter.  haha!

My little guy turned 4 yesterday! Happy Birthday to the sweetest dude ever!!

In gardening news... here's what I learned about planting seeds willy nilly and too close together.  My photos aren't the typical bloggy goodness I've been reading about this week...the abundance, the growth, the mega sizes.   nope. mine are a little, er, special.   I've never grown carrots before, so I'm still quite pleased with myself that something actually grew in my garden!    The baby tomatoes are exploding everywhere...just waiting for them to turn red

My post about thread the other day hopefully didn't sound too grumpy.  I was frustrated.  This was the 2nd project I've really battled thread issues with.  And not just quilting, but piecing too.  I will attempt again.  With a different brand as some suggested (if I can find it here!. May need to online shop)  I've just finished a baby quilt for someone and another is in the cutting stage.  Why don't I do baby quilts more often. So refreshing and quick!


  1. Great quilt rack! I had a few carrots with similar characteristics - lol - too many arms :) They are so yummy straight from the garden!

    Happy Birthday to your little man - 4 is lots of fun :)

  2. What a terrific quilt rack! Love your carrots, they look like Dr. Seuss creatures! I used to like to do the Rorshach (sp?) thing with them - that one's a lady! No, it's an airplane!

    Hooray for your little man! Four is a terrific age, you are going to enjoy him so much this year.

  3. Anonymous 12:10 PM

    Carrot seed tape. You will never have carrots too close together again!! It is ingenious really. I don't care if it costs twice as much or more, it is worth it.


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