Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Blogiversary to Me!!!

Happy Blogiversary to me....  It's my 3rd year blogging! Holy moly!
I've started my blog as my anecdotes of moving to and living in Alberta.  I started working in a rural country school, and had so many interesting days...commutes included!  My language was pretty free in the beginning, be warned, and many of my commentaries were  about Snot and more snot,
and of course bodily functions
and my all time favourite student moment, not favourite student, but favourite moment

After working became a little too stressful (and my frequent sickness was doing me in!)  I decided to quit work and be a stay at home mom for a few years while I could.   My blogging became more random, and then once I discovered quilting, well, you know where my blog has focussed on now. 78 year old dad is in town right now and I've snuck on here to celebrate.     I'm going to do a giveaway tomorrow, as I can't get down to my sewing cave, as that's where my dad's stuff is. forewarned.  A giveaway tomorrow...and probably a good one too!  Don't worry, no Canada trivia this time LOL!

I'm just so happy to have found something I really love.   I wish I had more production happening, but the pace is right for my life right now and I won't be a slave to something I enjoy.  so my blog isn't as crafty and filled with photos on a daily basis...but you get the flavour of me just fine.       Well, maybe not my philosophical flavour.... but meh.  one day.


  1. Happy blogiversary. I bet your giveaway will be awesome and look forward to reading about it tomorrow. We are going to go and enjoy a campfire tonight and smores!

  2. Anonymous 7:16 PM

    Happy blogiversary! Its been fun reading your blog...

  3. Okay, that is a pretty funny story. I love that he knew how to spell it!

    Glad I found you on-line. Maybe one day we'll connect in person considering we aren't that far apart?

  4. LOL! My son starts kindergarten next week and I am just cringing thinking of what he is going to say. Hopefully he has a teacher like you... I think...

  5. Oh, and congrats on the anniversary!

  6. Theresa 10:57 PM

    I personally liked the snot entries. They always made me laugh. I am glad you have found a focus for your blog. You sound so happy and fulfilled. Enjoy your final week before school lets in.


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