Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Construction parallels quilting...

well...somehow I had to tie this together!  I'm so darn proud of myself!  My dad is here for the week (that's another story.  Let's just say I love my dad, but he's going on 78, refuses to wear his hearing aid, conversations are not conversations but rather monologues, and conspiracy theorist)  

Anyways, back to my story.  We needed to fix a few dry rot boards on our little deck, as well as redo the steps because of dry rot.  My husband is NOT in any sense of the word a handy man.  He can't even hang a picture.  The blue and pink jobs in the house, are all mine.  So, I had a blue job.   I seized the opportunity to get some guidance from my dad (as dh has vowed to get this done since May...*sigh*)  and I did it all by myself!!  He helped me pick up the lumber, showed me what kind of screws to buy, and voila! does this tie into quilting?  WELL!  measure twice, cut once.  Make sure seams match up perfectly, and things are squared up and level.   Now my "machine quilting" will be the coat of paint that I slather on next week to make it all new and blue.  

And the best part???  It was all done before hubby came home.   I think he was pretty humbled at my blue job completion.   

To tell you the truth though, as much as I LOVED using the saw and the power drill,  my nails are ruined (even though I don't have a manicure) and my hands much prefer the soft fibres of cotton and the hum of the machine, to the screeching of the saw and hammering of the nails.


  1. Oh, but what a great sense of accomplishment you have now and will have everytime you look at your nice, new steps!

    And having a handyman husband is a mixed blessing. Yeah, things get done and I don't have to do them myself, but sometimes I wish he'd agree to let a professional come in and do the job. Like when he cut a hole in my bathroom wall and was soldering inside it, risking setting the wall on fire! Yikes. Turned out OK in the end, but a 2 hour job for a plumber took us a day and a half! And I always get stuck being the runner, up and down the stairs, "I need this, fetch me that....." arg!

    Sorry for rambling! You did a great job and your sweet doggy is going to appreciate those nice sturdy steps for sure!

  2. Theresa 5:21 PM

    You go girl


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