Sunday, August 23, 2009

Phrase of the day: 85% off

Need I say more?  These are last year stocks.   No, they are not from my LQS but a chain.  But hey, how can you even turn your eye on $1.50 per meter?   They are tight weave, quilter's 100% cotton (not craft cotton quality), and will make some gorgeous Christmas quilts....  I can't believe I spent $17 on 10 meters of fabric.   Especially when I have supported my LQS at $28.95 per meter on backing minky fabric.  Several times.    I deserve this break.

Guess where I'm off now?  Another location to scout out more.   I think I heard the chant "hoarding" coming from you all.  You're just jealous. 


  1. Anonymous 4:21 PM

    Way to go! That is an amazing deal! Care to share the location? *big smile*

  2. WHAT!!!! ???? I AM SO JEALOUS!!!

    Why did you have to post this? Now my heart is breaking just a little bit...

    "...hurt... hurt... hurt..." can you hear my heart hurting over here? It is so SAD that it doesn't have that pretty green and red polka dot. Or the other green and red polka dot.

    Oh, ok, I am just so jealous I have a bellyache and it FEELS like my heart is breaking!! Lucky you and I hope you bought ALL of it!

  3. where is CAnada are you? I would love to take advantage of that deal..if you didn't already clean them out? !!! good for you can't pass up a good deal

  4. Lucky Duck! Love your new additions :)

  5. Those are amazing finds-lucky you. I can only dream

  6. I got some of the same ones for 85% off the other day too...I share your excitement!


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