Monday, October 23, 2006

Dayhome bag

Bitch has been downgraded to bag, simply because I'm nice. I have no backbone you see. She called tonight. She wanted to see how the boys are doing. Nice huh?

Me: oh they've adjusted nicely...Ethan's adjusted really well, Cam's happy as a clam, their "teachers" are working very well with them. Ethan seems to keep very busy with all the activitiees and kids there.

Me (what I REALLY wanted to say):

They're doing fabulous. The teachers say hello to us as we enter the building. Teacher H hugs, kisses and tickles Cameron to bits as soon as she sees him in the morning. Teacher K gives Ethan a huge hug and holds his hand as she walks him into the playroom to introduce him to his playmates every morning. We say see you later alligator, and Ethan says in awhile crocodile with a big grin on his face.
I get no phone calls during the day from them, becaus they keep my kids busy, loved and nurtured. Oh and CLEAN. They brush teeth after lunch, they comb their hair before I come to pick them up, and they have the same clothes on as they did when I dropped them off! I get reports of the times of Cameron's bum changes, as well as what he ate, how much he ate and his activities during the day.

Cameron even made a halloween craft today!



  1. Glad the boys & you are better with the new care. What a world of difference.

    Hey, didn't you used to have some of these Gunneras in your Jurasic garden?

  2. So, in short, a good move. Woo!!


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