Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Making words with children

So...I work with children. And of course they say the most remarkable things sometimes.

Assisting in a class that is having a word making "competition" with the word CHRISTMAS. What 2 letter words can you make with the letters from Christmas. Three letter? sam, tam, cam, ram, mit, get the gist. So 4 letter words come up. The words are flying here...they're really getting it! So little Josh, (did I say this was grade one?) says to me quietly while this is all going on....
**Mrs.Harris I think we could do the word SHIT, but I know it's not a nice word so we can't do that one.
**What word? (doing a big head shake, did I hear that correctly?)
** know the word SHIT? It's not a nice word. But those are the letters from the word christmas. (imagine this with a little lisp)
**Oh yes, Josh, I understand. you're right, it probably wouldn't be very appropriate to use that word for here.
**Yes, Mrs.harris, SHIT is not a very nice word to use in school is it.
**That's right Josh, smart thinking not to use that word....what was it again? (*snicker to myself*)


Good Josh....what other words can you make?

Sometimes it's really hard to keep a straight face


  1. OMG, that's freaking hilarious! What an exchange! Right up there with "asscream". LOL

  2. Man, you are one cool teacher. LOL

  3. I wasn't cool with the fact that he used the swear word, just the fact how non-chalantly and innocently he talked to me about it . I egged it on a bit, I know, but how funny it was! Like we were having a sex talk or something! :lol:


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