Monday, December 31, 2007


Christmas has come and gone...and admittedly, I'm glad. I hate the clutter and the craziness that seems to transform our lives. We had a great one, with dh's parents coming in for a visit. The kids were so thrilled to have their grandparents with them. They got spoiled to death, and dh and I are going to try and scale things down next year. With Ethan's birthday on the 24th, it seems to be a huge whopper of gift overload. I don't know what we'll do, but it's insane.

The year past has been one of ups and's been an awful one with friends and family losing their loved ones. I think it has been an exceptionally tragic one, as it seems many people have lost loved ones this year. :( I'm hoping 2008 brings a fresh start, and one with lots of good health and happiness.

Just recently, a student of mine that I taught last year lost his little brother to a tragic farming accident. His father had been working the tractor and accidently ran over the 4 year old (backing up, didn't realize he was there). I'm just stunned at this, and cannot imagine the guilt and grief that the father must be going through. I feel for my student R, who was a success story at school...began the year being at risk and troublesome, and by end of year won awards, was a star in my class and a huge help for me in a few of the music projects we had going on. He was the country music audition I will always remember... I think I blogged about him earlier on. Anyways.... my post is more about wishing the year to close peacefully, and open with a fresh start, not forgetting those we've lost, but moving on and living fully like they'd wish us to.

A toast to the many who we've lost, and my friends who always deserve hug.

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