Monday, January 07, 2008

Things about today...

1. The amazing chili recipe I made was fantastic today!

2. My trip to the Parent Link playgroup was super, and I felt right away that it will be a place I frequent at least once a week with Cameron. (Thanks for the info Jane!)

3. Ethan trying to help me by loading up all the scraps of fabric from my quilt onto his freight trains, and dumping them in different corners of the basement. Then, trying to help me refit all of the "puzzle pieces" of fabric into a new quilt. He has decorator tendencies... LOL

4. Listening to Ethan and Cameron belly laugh as Trent was playing with them on the bed.

5. My 6am wake-up call from Ethan whispering loudly into my ear "I get to go to school todaaayyyyy I get to go to school todayaayyy." And then seeing him waiting in the car 15 minutes before we actually had to leave.

I love doing these...they make me really reflect on my day and some of the little moments that sometimes just pass by. I don't want them to pass by, I want to remember them and revisit them.

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