Monday, June 02, 2008


Off to Vancouver (Coquitlam) on Wednedsay to help my dad clear out the house of 40 years of accumulated crap. Here's how it will go.
"what the hell are you doing? i need those!" [those, meaning, the 20 year old yogurt containers that he uses for storing used, rusty, bent nails]
(after I just arrive) "andrea, come and sit down, lets have some coffee"
"dad, I just got here, i just had breakfast. I'm here to work"
1/2 hour later "come on, let's go out to zellers and have lunch"

"I'm going to give those to Ralph. Maybe your boys would like to make them too" (meaning, the plastic army tank kits and paints my brother made when he was 12 years old and hasn't touched since he was 12 years old)

"don't throw those away...god dammit, Andrea those are very expensive books!" (meaning, the funk & wagnalls encycolpedia set published in 1969, I'm not even sure digital is a concept in there yet)

"why are you throwing so much away! There's only a two bag limit here in Coquitlam." Well, dad, here are the over limit stickers I bought from the city so we could toss more away. "did you pay for those, Andrea?" yes i did. "jesus christ, they made you pay for those stickers? They're always nickel and diming every red cent out of you. What the hell do they use the money for anyway...obviously not the hospital system since they screwed me over last year and almost bled to death.. " drone on and on and on.

So yes, it will be a pleasant time. My kids will be my shield and my excuse to get some "away" time. And I've timed it that we will be leaving on Sunday morning. A quick trip, but a busy one.

Saturday we will be walking the Relay for Life (cancer) in Coquitlam. Trent will be doing most of the day, I will show up for my hour commitment and the candle light walk at 10pm. I'm walking for trent's aunt Jean, who passed away in July last year after a very long battle. I'm also walking for my dad, who had colon cancer, Trent's mom, who was recently diagnosed with a cancerous tumour on her collar bone, and for my many other friends who have family members going or gone through it. One day, we won't have to have these kinds of fundraisers.

Halifax came up again. We wrote it off not hearing from them for 3.5 weeks. Funny thing. The day after my dad's house sold (1 day on the market) we got the call. Weird? To me it was like some kind of sign saying, that we did the right thing in not pursuing the house and things are falling into place correctly.

Waiting to hear this week about Trent flying out there to visit the location mid June and see what he thinks about the company culture, people etc as well as the area surrounding Halifax. An offer would be presented thereafter if Trent felt good about the fit, and vice versa. We could easily get our dream home, a pool, on an acreage for way less than this house. We'd be practically mortgage free. And I'd get my acreage...on a lake. with a pool. and the ocean. or even ON the ocean. far far far away from friends and family. not so good. what to do what to do. i know in my heart I want the sense of adventure and the change and the opportunity. I never have a strong desire to go back and visit Vancouver..just the desire to be around friends and family...which sometimes I wonder that we want it more than they do. Oh well. there's definately a path being paved, and we'll see where the road leads.

Need to research about well water and septic systems. Seems that's very common over there, unless you live right in Halifax.

Taking Mandy to a new bording kennel in morinville tomorrow. They're lab breeders, and I really will have to refrain from spying on the new black and silver puppies that were born last month. oh if we lived on an acreage, Mandy may just need a playmate.

I'm so freaking crazy.

Quilting...I have 4 projects on the go. Haven't touched them for a week now. Need to get back on it. When I get back.

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  1. Tried to post a comment earlier but it wouldn't go. I have no idea why some of my comments make it and others don't.

    It is chilly here in Vancouver, bring warm clothes and hot clothes. The weather varies from hour to hour.

    I don't envy you having to pack up your dad. Sounds like a huge headache to me. I am already dreading having to do it to my parents one day soon. They have finally agreed to sell the boat this year. That is one step the next step will be selling the property at the lake. They don't want to let it go, but dad hates the long 6 hour drive.


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