Saturday, June 14, 2008

Quilting update.

taken with flash, in natural light
no flash, natural light

I finished off my bargello quilt top  (meaning, just the top, now I have to sandwich it, baste it, machine quilt it and put the binding on)  yesterday.   As much as I was excited to make it and do one, I'm not as thrilled about it.  It does look really cool, but maybe I took a break for too long and now I'm not as excited about it.   Note how the black beast must always take part in my quilting activities.

I cut out the beginnings of the dinosaur quilt that Ethan is so thrilled about.   The Thomas the Tank Engine quilt for Cameron is ready to go too.  I don't have a pattern I'm following, but rather piecing it in such a way that it's easy for me, yet looks nice for the boys.    

I have alot of ideas of upcoming quilts - a baby quilt for my newly pregnant friend, Lorena.
A new quilt for my niece, Lisa, who is finally getting her own room after sharing with her sister for so many years.   A quilt for my MIL who is battling cancer treatment right now and for some reason has massive back pain apparantly unrelated to the treatment (but started a week after radiation therapy...coincidence?)  I want to make a lovely navy and white quilt for her... And of course, what about me??? Haven't got a clue.   I just enjoy the prospects of making quilts for others.  

The problem?   I  LOVE piecing quilts, I LOVE the machine quilting part.   I hate the sandwiching and pin basting part.  Oh if I could figure a way to do that with less time and hassle....   and it's the step that you can't cut corners on, otherwise when you machine quilt, everything will get all puckered and mucked up. 

Need to get a new 1/4" foot for my machine, I've been eyeballing the 1/4" seam, and it's creating a little inaccuracy.  I've really noticed it on my bargello, where the seams don't all match.  Oh well.

Need to also buy some new needles for my machine...have no idea what kind.  But they are dull right now, and am noticing the thunking sound more often. 


  1. Definately get some new needles and another quarter inch foot...if the piecing process is smoother you will be more likely to get it done all the way...speaking from experience just brought out my quilts tops yesterday ..I have 7 here that need the 'rest of the story' and I hate the the middle part too...mine never seem to get flat enough, etc...and as a BC survivor who had lots of radiation...uh, yes..back pain (bone pain) is probably from the radiation! Gentle hugs to her.

  2. OH...and i malso meant to tell you...your quilt is terrific!

  3. I feel so honoured! Someone new to my blog! Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the advice. This is my 4th quilt ever, so I'm still on a big learning curve.

    Thank you for the thoughts on my wonderful MIL - she's down in Myrtle Beach, and is getting really good treatment right now, but the distance is really hard. I just want to be there to help her out and comfort her. And I'm not even one of her "real" children! :-)

    I picked up some new needles yesterday, size 70's and 80's. Also, the woman recommended trying spray adhesive for the basting part. I'm going to try it with my son's dinosaur quilt and see how it goes. (he doesn't care about puckers, etc and if it happens its not a showpiece, yk?)

    Thanks for visiting! :)


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