Wednesday, June 25, 2008

two freight trains approaching each other at 100mph

Halifax wants to fly us out for a family tour and a final interview/job offer July 7.

In the meantime, Trent has applied on a job that came up in Calgary for his current company, different position.  Interviewing most likely in a week or so.   Most suitable candidate so far.

Calgary is safe.  Same company. Same people. Same bureaucracy, idiotic hours and all consuming work/life imbalance.  Different job.  No closer to Vancouver...but a nicer city.

Halifax is exciting.  Different company. Big risk of jumping ship.   Less "security" in that he's the newbie on the block vs having the 11 years of dedication to current company.   More autonomy, greater position, possibly more travel in the beginning (as in the Calgary job too)Possibility of all consuming work/life imbalance..but possibility not.   Way farther away from family/friends network.  Smaller city, probably a better upbringing and more educational possibilities as the kids get older.  I dunno...but small city may mean smaller possibilities too. 

Some days I just wish someone would make it easy and tell us what to do.

I love the sense of adventure, a new city, an new place....Calgary I'm a little more reserved about, higher cost of living, still no closer to BC...

I'm worried about the sense of jumping ship of a big corporation and going "new", the unknown future.  In his big corporation now, there's a (false) sense of security there. 

I'm going to play yahtzee with the options..  Roll the dice and see what they say. 



  1. I'll make the decision for you. Halifax. Only because I think Calgary is DUMP. I can't stand that city - it's just a really fugly place to live. Can't stand the people I have met from there. the traffic there is horrendous. People rave about the zoo but I wasn't impressed - doesn't compare to any of the zoos back home. Yes of course its better than the Valley Zoo lol but apart from that ;) The ONLY thing I can think it has going for it is that it's closer to the mountains. It's still Alberta so as far as I'm concerned it loses. BIG time!

    Where is your sense of adventure Andrea? I want to grab you and shake you!!!! Calgary is a dive! I would rather move to Saskatchewan than Calgary! I'd rather move to McMoney than Calgary. there are no trees in Calgary. Only imported ones and they are fugly.

    Did I remember to mention I don't like Calgary?

  2. Anonymous 11:59 AM

    Even though it would mean even less likelihood of seeing you, can I vote for Halifax? I'm not saying Calgary is boring, but Halifax will give you a whole new perspective. And how often can you get that handed to you on a silver platter?


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