Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meet Ned

Ned is inspired by the Ugly Dolls I see at the specialty toy stores.

He cost $7.00 to make, and I have enough fabric left over to make about 10 more.  So, really, he cost about 50 cents.

My kids are fighting over Ned.  He's not even had his stitches put in yet, or his final touches of stuffing adjustment.

He's so weird and ugly.  And Ethan loves him.


  1. Who is Ned? What is a Ned?

    Nice to see a picture of your little angels.

    I will write soon

  2. who needs a quilt when you have Ned!

  3. just wait till you meet ted, jed, and fred! LOL! and you thought quilts were addictive.

  4. how fun!!! i love how inexpensively you were able to make him. my kids would love a ned, too. :)


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