Sunday, May 02, 2010

A bit of this, a bit of that

While photographing my latest quilt, this is what happened....

Seriously, why do all cats seem to do this? He was in the back yard and FOUND me. See how smug he looks?

My machine is at the shop. It's getting one more chance. ;-) My dealer told me not to trade it in. But I do have a new machine in mind if it doesn't cooperate after.

Do you ever get into a blogging/internet funk? I get that way a few times a year. I just feel 'done' with it. I get tired of giveaways and completed projects coming out of every corner (but mine) and join me on twitters and become a fan on facebook blog about this on your blog and my sponsors this and that....
I don't dislike individual blogs/bloggers because of this...I dislike the trend to where it's all going, commercialized I guess. I'm happy about people becoming successful and becoming business women and all the aspirations that they are striving for. It just gets tiresome to me sometimes. I just want to see your life and your projects! And one day, if I ever meet a pot of gold at the end of my rainbow, perhaps I will ask you to twitter me too. Except you most likely will never find me on twitter. ;-)
I wonder if the seasonal change has to do with it...the garden is just starting to show some growth now, a few daffodils and tulips up, and weeds too (why are they always out first?) I feel the need to get out there! Or maybe because my machine has been so mean to me that it's transferring over?

So I've been balancing and enjoying things outside of quilting too. Awhile back, I was even dreaming/nightmaring about quilting. That's bad.

We've been on a few road trips....

We had a fire in our backyard this weekend....
Taught Ethan all about twigs catching fire and then running to our pond to extinguish it and the 'pssss' sound it makes when it goes out in the water.

I'm amazed at the bond that Ethan and Mandy are developing - this is a terrible night shot, but if you could see how proudly Mandy was sitting for Ethan while being brushed, it brought tears to our eyes.

Ethan is in an all boy class this year (because there are only 4 girls total in all 3 grade two classes!) and his boy class was invited to sing at the music festival this year. They got dressed in white shirts and ties...and we treated him to a MonsterMudPie afterwards. Usually it's just a cone at McD's, so this was pretty awesome to him!

And Cameron, well, let's just say he's in the ham it up picture phase. I can't get one serious one!

And lastly....are there any blog friends that you have that just sometimes put a smile on your face or warm your heart or cheer you up for no real reason? I have to say thanks.... sometimes I get an email/comment or a reply back and maybe it isn't something you think makes a difference in someone's day, but don't ever underestimate the power of the written word, they do. :-)


  1. I know exactly what you mean about blogging. My blog is, inevitably, a bit of a marketing tool for my shop (although less and less so recently!), but I do sometimes wish that it wasn't all quite so monetised and commercial. I love those blogs that manage to keep the commercial and the bloggable fairly separate.

  2. just hearing from you and seeing all the smiles of your family makes me smile. Enjoy these blissful times with your boys before life gets too hectic even for family time!!

  3. I feel the same way at times about blogging. But then, sometimes people have cool giveaways :) Not that I've ever won any.

  4. I think everyone feels that way about blogging at least once.

    And I'm with you, I do not like the "extra entries" stuff people do for giveaways, just to build traffic. I know why it's done, but it isn't for me. So, I'll take my chances and never lead a giveaway that way myself.

    Awesome family photos!

  5. I hear you! My 100th post is coming up and on the one hand, I'd like to do a giveaway of some kind. But I won't be making people do all kinds of things to get extra entries to make me look more popular than I am. I've already graduated from high school - why do all that stuff again! What I'd really like to do is have a BBQ in the backyard for all my blogging buddies who comment on a quasi-regular basis!

    That Mud Pie is indeed a monster!!!

  6. i go in and out of the same moods you speak of (congrats on the win though! looks like lots of fun stuff) would like to see your quilt spread out...yumolicious!
    and your boys are so handsome...and all dressed! yay for you!

  7. Naughty sewing machine...That mud pie looks so wonderful!

  8. sometimes blogging puts me in a bad mood. both writing my own and reading others, becauase everyone (but me, it seems) is accomplishing so much, taking great pictures, and then writing witty posts about it.

    Thanks for writing this today. I was feeling the same way...

  9. I have been feeling the same way lately. I don't like all the extra stuff with giveaways either. I had been thinking about taking a week off of blogging. Your posts make me smile. You have such a beautiful family.

  10. Very well said! I am personally dealing w/a full schedule also so my posts will be few and far between. Lots going on and not enough hours in the day.

    Thanks for sharing your family photos w/us. Enjoy your time w/them because it slips away so fast!

    Find beauty in your day and enjoy it,

  11. Hear hear. I totally agree and wrote something in a similar (but humorous I hope!) way on my blog.

  12. i'm soooooooo feeling the same way about blogs today. ugh. ugh. ugh.

  13. Is he your cat at least? My neighbor has a cat that is confused about where he lives, thankfully our dogs remind him daily ;)

    The blogging world is something else right now with all the advertising, etc. I'm with you, I like blogs that include bits and pieces of people's lives, as well as what they are making.

    And yes, I am in the midst of an internet funk right now. I wonder if it is a reoccuring phenomena for those of us who live with constant season changes. I've noticed that I lose my bearings twice a year, in the fall as we head into the cold season and in spring as we transistion to warm weather. There is just so much "clean up" of clothing, outdoor items, yard, etc, etc... It's a real shift for me and
    it translates to a lot of work.

    Love your family photos by the way :)


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