Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm here!!!

I'm here...we moved out, we moved on, we drove 13 hours and moved into our 10th floor condo (temporary until September 3) It's 900 sq ft, as opposed to my 3 story home, and I'm experiencing culture shock, noise shock, apartment living shock, dog in a condo living shock, kids going squirrelly within 1 hour shock, kids bickering all the time shock, grocery shopping and limiting to only 2 bags full because the mega security access and doors up to the tower from the parkade are too many to mention shock. It's all worth it though...another two weeks and I'll be moving into my new home.

And of course, there's no air conditioning. It's summer. There's road construction happening literally outside my window. did you know noise travels up?

But all in all, very happy to be home. Sushi restaurant in my lobby. Sushi everywhere. yum. Need to refrain.

We're taking full advantage of the major parks and recreation areas around us, and of course, the first few days we were here, we HAD to get a new library card, according to my son.

So, of course, that led me to realize that even though I have no access to a sewing machine for the next month, I do have access to 3 new libraries stocked with unread (by me) quilting magazines and books. Wahoo!
This is a great summer read, especially if you only have little snippets of time. I also got a whole bunch of art quilting books out to read through and figure out if that's something I want to branch into.

Hope you're having a great summer. I keep up with my blog reading, not alot of posting, but keeping up with what's going on. I'm looking very forward to the fall and settling in and getting started on some new projects.


  1. Sounds crazy but fun! Glad you can make the best of this time .... good attitude is everything! Good luck and I can't wait to see your new home.

  2. Welcome almost-home! Sounds like madness, but it also sounds like a good mix. Just a few more weeks and then you'll have where-did-that-box-go, who-let-the-dog-out, why-are-there-invasives-in-the-yard, ahh-back-to-sewing madness!

  3. And now you change your description of your locale in your profile, huh?

    I bet September can't come soon enough to get all settled. Enjoy your reading time...

  4. Speaking of sushi in that neck of the woods, we went to a place just off North when we were there. It was great! Seriously, the best gyoza we'd ever had.

  5. funny I was just thinking about you today and wondered how you were doing with all the transitions. Ah in transit living can be a nightmare, but give it your best shot. I had to do it in another country and city with three kids etc. libraries are always great escapes.

  6. Hi Andrea! Glad to hear you are getting closer to the final destination! You really should check out Buntzen Lake (you are in the Lower Mainland right?) it's right close to Port Moody, and is so beautiful and perfect for taking little children. Lots of walking trails around the lake if you tire of basking in the BC sun. Best of luck to you and fam. :)


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