Monday, December 13, 2010

On my doorstep...

Connecting Threads purchase - cyber Monday sale - 50% off
I got almost 100 fq's for 50 dollars.

They're very soft, they have a slight sheen to them, and I know I will make good use of them. Kona cottons appear to be slightly thicker.
I will report back on the sewing side of the fabric when I get to it. For now they are mine...uh... well, they're actually dh's, because he's wrapping them up and gifting them to me.
He has the easiest job ever...seriously. I even shop for myself to help him out at Christmas.

I know a few anonymous people from my original post asking about CT were not thrilled with the fabric quality, but when I read AmandaJean's post a few days later, I read all of the comments about their thoughts about CT and most were pretty positive, so I thought for 50 dollars, I'd take a gamble on this amazing sale.

I wish I knew who the anonymous people were. Why are you anonymous? I truly value your opinion, and when you are anonymous, it makes me feel like we have a secret relationship. I start to fantasize about this....maybe Martha Stewart really IS reading my blog. Maybe it's some uber cool european designer waiting to pounce on my talents.
...Maybe it's John Travolta....oh that's a different fantasy.


  1. HAHA! I think your husband should wrap up John Travolta and put him under the tree... heh, heh, heh! Although, I might prefer the fabric. Yes, I am THAT sick.

    They look gorgeous all together like that. I could totally eat them. I don't know how you can let him wrap them!!!

    OT- Do your kids like to pet your fabric? Mine would be really into these ones.

  2. That's a lot of color for $50! I'll be interested to see another review once you've started working with them (fondling them doesn't count!).

  3. LOL. This was too funny. I just got a serger yesterday. Husband helped me open the box. I don't think he'll be re-wrapping anything...

    I'll be interested in your assessment of the fabric. But it sure is pretty in that picture!

  4. Gorgeous colours! Looking forward to hearing your opinions about them.

  5. Looking forward to your thoughts about the fabric. I like it is made in North America! (At least I think that is true? Have fun, you will make something amazing.

  6. I am sure Martha would love to read your blog! Love the stack of fabrics!

  7. love the colourful fabric, have you cut into it yet? don't forget to give us an update.


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