Monday, August 08, 2011

Supply time!

Back to school time doesn't have to be disappointing... for moms who like to sketch out quilt patterns, it's FUN supply time. I think I need to replenish the craft box. New crayons, new pencils, markers....and the kids get the fun too.

Isn't it amazing how a child will do anything to get in on a photo. He cracks me up.
Is back to school time a happy time for you, or do you get nostalgic and a little emotional? I get a little happy, knowing that I can wear my turtlenecks, jeans, and hibernate indoors in my quilting space.

In other news, my boys have been outfitted with golf clubs. They are not sports junkies, but they do show an interest and desire to hit a golf ball. It was a proud weekend for daddy this weekend. I've been told how lucky I am that the boys will go off and golf and I will get some alone time. well, it's really not true. I want to learn so badly myself. Even if I wasn't interested, I'd still be there with them at the driving range - cheering them on!!

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