Sunday, January 08, 2012

Millions of thoughts...

A wishing our local science centre called Telus Spark. It had hundreds of wishes hung from it. Mine is in there too, somewhere. It looked so beautiful - so grand. The simplicity of the white lights, the light branches, and the red papers hanging from the tree. I took this first picture, and then spent about 20 minutes in the tree, just reading all the wishes.

Some wishes I giggled at....
Some wishes I nodded at....
Some I sighed at....
...and some made me well up in tears....
My wishes for 2012 are for the usual health and happiness. 2011 was quite stormy with ups and downs...and the last 1/2 of 2012 it mellowed out and settled down again. (phew!)

My personal goals wish - become a runner, take better care of myself, spend more time on myself and be kinder to myself.

My wishing tree wish? It was quilt related and more the far fetched type wish - totally attainable, but still, a wish.

Have you ever seen a wishing tree? It really moved me.

What would your Quilting Wishing Tree have on it?


  1. Quilting: Learn to free-motion and accurately piece curved blocks. Mastering the scant 1/4" would be nice too.

    That last wish broke my heart! Probably a good one for a future teacher to have read. I will make it a mission to make sure every student I have feels like they're "seen" by me, at least...

    Thanks for sharing your wishes!

  2. ive never seen a wishing tree, but it would be quite simple really1 even just to have one in our house!

    i wish i could get healthier (diet, exercise) and therefore help my children be healthier for the long haul!!

    im hoping this is the year of stash! and i need to use my free time for sewing, not blog reading etc!!!

  3. Anonymous 1:14 PM

    Happy New Year!!

    ♥ Shia


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