Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random thoughts...

I bought this lovely tea towel only for the colours in it.  What a fabulous colour combo!

I have become a dot com.   Yes,  I finally cropped the trapped in my head dot blogspot.  I'm now millionsofthoughts.com   Finally!   No particular agenda, just am tired of the super long title it was.

My quilt in progress is going very well.  I hope to show some stuff off soon!

My Jasper is growing like a weed.  Look how he squeezes himself into his bed! Time to get a new one.   He steals my (clean) underwear from the laundry pile when I'm folding laundry and sleeps on it.  


  1. It makes things so much easier to just have a .com!

  2. Was it hard switching to a .com? You should totally make a quilt based on the colors in that towel!

  3. Ha ha ! That's cute! My dog will curl up onto a sock if it's on the floor.
    I love that tea towel too. So cute!


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