Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Tacky Quilt things #217

Oh boy....  these were found in the 99cent bin.   I just HAD to have them....so I could blog about them.  
I have this thing about too many quilty tchotchkes in our world.  I mean, I ADORE actual quilts and quilt designs,  design inspirations everywhere, but when I see quilting teacups, towels, curtains, carseat covers, t-shirts, bathroom accessories......or a quilting nail polish design I admit I rolled my eyes a little and giggled too.  And then,

I applied one.   

 And now I want to apply another.   Do you think hands and toes would be too much? 
Is this taking things too far????  

I am going back for more tomorrow.  

You too can own some -  they are called Sally Hanson Salon Effects in  510 - Mod About You.


  1. These are a kick!

  2. these are funny, get a bunch for future giveaways! they are fun!!

  3. I want some! Might have to go check out my SDM to see if they have any!

  4. I think these are pretty cool! I'd wear them for a short while.

  5. Janice 2:48 PM

    I think they're cool! I'm not sure I'd do every finger at the same time, I'd probably use it on one accent nails and do the rest in a coordinating solid colour.


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