Thursday, July 18, 2013

Where do you get inspiration from?

  I often go to the library and loot the shelves in different sections.

 Zentangle doodling
motifs, artwork from different cultures

The obvious - tile, mosaic, architecture books.
Not so obvious -  search under motifs, doodling,  _____art work, continuous line drawings, specific subject matter.

On my most recent longarm project,  it had a Navajo inspired theme.   So I searched for a few books on  Southwestern art to give me some ideas.

Where do you get your inspiration from?  Do you take photos of everything where you go?   Do you organize them and actually sit down and sketch them out, or do they sit in your photo file?   How do you take your inspiration and make it into something tangible?

I have completed a custom quilt and am really really impressed with how it came together.  Of course, I know every flaw in it and hope they won't be picked out.   In the grand scheme, for one of my first custom jobs I am proud of it.   Can't wait to share it with you, but the owner would like to show it in a few shows first.  One of the hard parts of my job is not being able to share!


  1. I often get inspiration from looking at color combinations in nature. I take lots of photos and then look through them to find unusual palettes. For instance, a single deep red/orange flower in a green meadow.

  2. Nature provides me with inspiration and also permission. When someone says "green doesn't go with purple" i can easily point out Irises, roses, violets, bougainvillea and a myriad of other flowers that combine green foliage with purple blooms in combinations that make my head spin with their loveliness.


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