Monday, September 09, 2013

Modern line designs...

practicing on a quilt top...

It's been awhile.  sigh.  

I have been enjoying summer with my family.   That's all.     

And quilting like a madwoman for the charity Quilting for Calgary - flood quilts.  So far, the count of approximately 1300 completed quilts are sitting in the warehouse awaiting distribution this weekend.  How totally incredible!!

Now that we're back to September and routine...I am too.  

adding geckos to a gorgeous Southwest inspired quilt by Sheila.


  1. Your quilting is stunning! The people of Calgary are sure to be blessed

  2. Beautiful quilting! How wonderful to have so many quilts to present to Calgarians affected by the flood! WAY TO GO QUILTERS!!

  3. I love your quilting!I love the summer but we all need our routines.

  4. got good at long-arming. Like seriously good :-)


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