Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival Fall 2013

Welcome to my submission to this year's Bloggers Quilt Festival   I haven't participated in quite some time, so I'm jumping in this year.  My current project isn't quite finished as I ran into some snags with my machine, so I'm sharing with you today my Marmalade Grey Quilt in a panicked attempt to share something with you...and possibly win some of the great prizes!

This was a fairly simple quilt I designed in a vertical brick style with narrow pale yellow sashing.

I quilted it with my longarm quilting machine.  I really wanted to practice some of my modern stitching designs to showcase on a sample quilt.    Voila, Marmalade Grey came alive with texture.

 The more I learn to quilt on my longarm quilting machine, the more addicted to dense quilting texture I become.

Fabrics by Anthology Fabrics - High Society
Thread - Superior Magnifico 
Batting - Quilters Dream 100% cotton
Backing - Ikea bedsheet!  
Measures: 45" x 45"
Professional Machine Quilting Category
Linking up Amy's Creative Side

Thank you so much to Amy for coordinating this massive project, and to all of the sponsors that donate prizes to make it just that much more fun to participate!  


  1. Oh, Andrea - did you ever do a nice job!! You have come so far in your skill (which was impressive to begin with) already... I mean, you just got that machine!

    Congrats on your beautiful quilting!

  2. Absolutely brilliant! Love the pattern and the quilting is just stunning

  3. Love the texture. Beautiful quiliting. Nice colors too!
    Jealous of your longarm and your skills.

  4. Fabulous. You are a pro!

  5. Love the quilting you have done an amazing job!

  6. Your quilting is amazing! You certainly are doing very well with your new toy!

  7. Anonymous 9:55 AM

    I love the quilting on this quilt! Good luck in the Festival!

  8. Wonderful quilting!

  9. So beautiful! A great way to showcase the gorgeous quilting! Well done!

  10. Gorgeous quilting!! It really makes that quilt stunning.

  11. What a gorgeous quilt - the simple piecing is brought alive by the great quilting. Love it!

  12. Beautiful quilting. Keep up the great work.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  13. Fantastic work, Andrea! You're really bonding with that longarm machine, aren't you? I love all the photos that show the texture of this gorgeous quilt.

  14. What a beautiful quilt - all of it - WOW

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