Monday, February 03, 2014

New Cutting and Pressing Table DIY

I've been using a great second hand table for my cutting table over the past year.   It is an older adjustable height table from Ikea -  (back when Ikea furniture lasted forever)  I've loved it, but I also needed a new pressing surface.  My ironing board just wasn't cutting it anymore, especially with some of the large tops I've been getting.  It was always wobbly, and just skimpy on pressing surface space.  So,  I thought I would make a larger top for my Ikea table.    

You've seen these tutorials everywhere.  I bought a 1" sheet of plywood and had it cut to 37" x 60" .  I chose that measurement to fit my cutting mat on one end, and pressing surface on the other end.    I placed a layer of 'insulator' batting, and then stapled a layer of 100% cotton batting.   Then, I chose an Ikea fabric I had on hand for my cover.  I haven't secured the plywood top to the table.  It is heavy enough that it is secure, and I like the option of removing it if I ever need to.   

Now my ironing board is gone, and even though my table is larger,  the lack of an ironing board has opened up the space in the studio.     

I've been contemplating this upgrade for awhile and wish i had done it sooner.   So easy and quick!

Also at Home Depot -  I found acrylic/plexiglass sheets for 13.95  -  a great way to audition your quilting designs on a quilt top.


  1. This is great.. Thanks for sharing!

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