Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Something different to quilt - Hawaiian style

I got this fabulous project last month.   It was made up of Hawaiian style appliqué cushion covers (taken apart and sewn back together again)

My quilter was not fussy about the style of quilting.   We decided on a basic meander, and I went over everything, including the appliqué because the fabric was worn in some places and the appliqué was fragile in other places.
 I first received the quilt top in its 'flimsy' state, I was a little unsure about the project.                   
And then,  as I started quilting away, and the loft of the batting started showing the dimension of the quilting.

I fell in love                                                               

And didn't want to give it back. 
 It is such a happy happy quilt.   The colours just sing together!   
And I'm so glad I got to work on it!


  1. This is really nice! Love the bold colours.

  2. And you did an amazing job Andrea. Thank you so much. It is looking lovely on my bed, and I did the binding in a sky blue.

  3. That's really beautifully designed Andrea. I love Hawaiian style because they decorate anything in a new and unique way. I have visited the Hawaiian cloths markets recently during my hawaii day tours . In this one day tour I observe Hawaii is a great Island and their residents have bright mind. Awesome!


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