Friday, May 09, 2014

Opinions needed!

So, I am making Avignon Picnic a new set of colours.  You'll see soon.
Once it is all pieced, I get to quilt the heck out of it. 

I'm trying all kinds of sketches and designs using my iPad.   I use the Concepts app on my iPad.  It's super - you can upload your photo, and sketch right on it.  You can enlarge parts of the photo to really get the detail in. 

I had a bit of a vision last night, and need to know if I'm wayyyy off base.

Should I quilt it using the negative space, filling it with texture and very obvious quilting,  (symmetrical, neat and tidy quilting) 
my idea which I had:

Using the piecing,  envision that the rectangles and rails are window panes and you are looking through the window pane -  and there is a large whole cloth (but abstract) design in the background.
Obviously I wouldn't use black thread,  but white for my negative space, so it would be just texture showing through, and the colours of the quilt would shine as well.   
I'm wondering if I'm overthinking it?

Oh yeah...this has to be done by May 20.    EEP!


  1. I think (for what it's worth :) ) that quilting the negative spaces would be good - using a coloured thread.

  2. That sketch looks pretty amazing Andrea. I just finished quilting for the binding

  3. Go for it! The "zendoodle" quilting is wildly popular these days - it's really fun!

  4. omg Andrea - your ideas are amazing! I love how that would look . . . but, May 20th . . . don't put too much pressure on yourself . . . I can't wait to see what you end up doing . . . whatever it is will be great!

  5. Love your idea! Go for it!!!

  6. I think your idea is really cool. Go for it!

  7. Your idea is awesome. You have to do it.

  8. It turned out GREAT. I loved seeing all the variety of quilting and fabrics for our group display at Heritage Park. Many thanks for a wonderful modern pattern!



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