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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Longarm Quilting - a baby quilt

Client J is having a baby!   I'm so thrilled for her, and I was especially touched that she wanted me to quilt her baby quilt for her.  

 Her quilt was pieced with oranges, whites and aquas 

 I did a lot of straight line ruler work on this quilt -  stitched all the chevrons along the seams, and then many parallel lines.   You would think that quilting a straight line with a ruler is easy.   Nope.   This one was a bit more challenging because I was making the lines on a 45 degree angle to the quilting frame.   I'm still trying to find some ways so that my machine ruler base doesn't 'catch' on the quilt or the ruler won't slip slightly.  So, I'm not perfect, but I did find myself obsessing over some wobbles here and there.
Figure 8's,  curves,  pebbles (large and small) spirals, and u-turns can be found throughout the quilt.

I extended the pattern of the chevron into the borders...

I love the back as it really shows the texture...

I will always say this, but I am so thankful that people trust me to try things out on their quilts.  I may not be perfect at it yet, but I know these experiences really takes me to the next level.
And I really appreciate that.