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Sunday, March 23, 2008


Oh my gosh. It's done. Finally! Totally done. All I have to do is package it up and send it off to my friend. :)

So what took so long with this freaking project? Nothing, just shameless me wasting time. Got into a winter funk and was unmotivated. Then when I got motivated, I decided to try a "new" way to stitch the binding on by machine, and it looked like hell. So then I had to rip it all apart. Then...well, handstitching it really wasn't thrilling to me. But this weekend, I finally got the courage to tackle it, and believe it or not, I loved handstitching it. It was soothing, calming, and well, the outcome was way better than before.

I've been reading alot of quilting blogs about people who have UFO's and quilt forever but have all of these UnFinishedprOjects on the go. I just can't do that. I need to finish one completely before going on to the next. Now...I'm off to organize all my fabric and decide what ones to place for my bargello quilt pattern.


Oh yes...lots of new photos posted on my mac page....It just takes too long to upload them on the top menu bar for the 3 different pages..Family photos

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Quilt top finished!

My disappearing 9 patch top is finished, now I have to sandwich, quilt and bind it.

Here's a peek!

I love piecing them together...not a fan of the sandwiching. The machine quiting is interesting, because I'm such a beginner it's a challenge to get it nice and smooth. But the quilting is what really gives the shape, form and character of the quilt. I love the brown chenille that I bordered it with. Although it was a nightmare of bits all over the carpet, stairs, floors, up my's awful!!!!