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Tuesday, June 04, 2013


My friend Lee gave me this quilt to play on awhile ago.   

I decided to try out my feathers on a real quilt, rather than just on practice pieces.    Truth be told, before this,  I was not a huge fan of feathers.  But as I was building them,  I started brainstorming and could envision feathers paired in some pretty funky settings.   I like the movement they create.

I started with a wavy horizontal spine and went from there.   Each row of feathers is in a different direction.    Where there were bigger gaps, I could have left the gaps empty,but decided to fill with some larger pebbles.   

 I am smitten with how quilting can make an ordinary quilt look extraordinary... I love my new job!!!

 Hard to find a good angle to photograph so you can see the feathers...but hopefully you get the idea!

I definitely have a lot more to learn and practice with feathers.  They are actually a lot of fun to create.   My next trial will be spineless feathers - where they go in all directions and just fill the space.   Thank you Lee, for bring this quilt for me to experiment on!