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A pair of second insert attachment devices disposed along the insulated insert and adapted to engage the pair of initial insert attachment devices for releasably securing the insulated insert to the sleeping bag. An insulated sleeping bag insert constructed such that when utilized with a sleeping bag supplies extra insulation thickness above and to the sides of the user, thereby extending the reduced limit of the usable temperature variety of the sleeping bag.

Wherein the first insert attachment devices include a pair of initial zipper halves, wherein the second attachment devices involve a pair of second zipper halves, and wherein every single a single of the first zipper halves is releaseably engageable with a corresponding one of the second zipper halves for releaseably securing the insulated insert with the major sleeping compartment. Sleeping bags usually involve first and second opposed halves defining a sleeping compartment therebetween and which are connected in such a way to define the entrance aperture at an entrance side or end of the sleeping bag.

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The insert is fitted with attachment mechanisms that let it to be attached and retained in position inside the interior of the sleeping bag. A bottom portion of the sleeping bag insert may perhaps be constructed such that more insulation is added in the foot region in the type of a foot box. It is an aspect of the present teachings to deliver a thermally insulated, sleeping bag insert that can be secured inside a sleeping compartment of a sleeping bag so that the sleeping bag can be made use of at temperatures reduce than that for which it was originally made.Sleeping Bag Insert

In addition, some sleeping bags might incorporate an integral hood.

The S3 silk sleep sack is a 100% silk sleeping bag liner with an attached waterproof pouch. In view of the above, most sleeping bags having a usable” ambient air temperature variety within which the user will stay comfortable. An optional foot panel 49 may well likewise be integrated into lower portion 42 of insulated insert one hundred. Sleeping bags come in numerous unique physical configurations such as, but not limited to, rectangular, semi-rectangular and mummy.

In accordance with these and other elements, the present disclosure is directed to a sleeping bag insert configured to consist of a plurality of insulation containing compartments. Nonetheless, regardless of the variety of insulating material and its coefficient of thermal conductivity, colder ambient air temperatures need that a greater thickness of insulation be employed to maintain heat loss from the user sufficiently low enough that the user does not turn into uncomfortable inside the sleeping compartment.

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Ordinarily, sleeping bags have one particular or extra closure devices, such as zippers, to offer access to an entrance aperture and which can be situated on the sides, ends or top rated to permit use of the sleeping bag. An optional yoke 47 may possibly be integrated into the upper finish of upper element 41 of insulated insert 100. Accordingly, insertion of sleeping bag insert 100 into sleeping compartment 19 of sleeping bag 10 will result in sleeping compartment 19 to be subdivided into two compartments, a head sleeping compartment 58 and physique sleeping compartment 59.

Sleeping Bag Insert – Shows a longitudinal cross-section of sleeping bag ten with sleeping bag insert 100 getting with optional yoke 47 and foot panel 49 installed and retained according to the present disclosure.

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