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Monday, July 25, 2016

Lizzy House Meadow Quilt - custom longarm quilting

Erin completed this pretty amazing Meadow Quilt.  The pattern is by Lizzy House and you can only get the pattern if you take the class....Lizzy House was in town this year and the results of Erin's quilt are pretty awesome:

Erin knew a few elements she wanted on her quilt.  She loved the cross hatching and the quilting on the petals that she saw in a photo here: Mel's Quilt.    She wanted something different done in the centre yellow circles as well as the background.   As soon as I saw the background fabric and the theme of the fabric, I thought 'grassy lines'!   The centre yellow circles, I had a few ideas and auditioned them on paper first...
 and then had another idea so tried it directly on the quilt top using my plexiglass:  
 I quilted the grass as I advanced the quilt...once I got to the flowers, I went through and did all of the petals first.   I used my curved rulers to stitch in the ditch around each flower and echo lines. 
Next I stitched all of the figure 8 designs on the centre of the flowers - I alternated directions on each block.  I then went through and quilted the rainbow 'octagons'.  The double cross hatch was actually fairly simple after a few blocks as there were registration points to keep everything nice and even.   I colour matched the thread for each of these blocks....
 Tip:  when doing the cross hatch - working from the bottom to the top or left to right (if possible)  is much easier for ruler registration lines....
 Aren't the rainbows so pretty!  They look like gemstones!  

 The backing fabric is a double gauze cotton.   Double gauze is a thinner and looser weave than regular quilting cotton. It is GORGEOUS stuff and makes super soft quilts. Because it is a looser weave, I learned that it is a bit finicky, and by the nature of gravity - will just 'give' and loosen on its own when on the frame.  So I had a nice flat top, and a backing that was sagging due to the nature of the fabric.  A few of my longarm buddies gave me a tip to spritz the backing from underneath and use a hairdryer from under the frame to shrink it back into place.  A steam iron doesn't work upside me.  the water spills out all over you and the auto off feature kicks in. LOL    I just had to spritz and walk away for awhile, and that worked too.   I then pinned the areas a lot to make sure everything was even, and then quilted the grass....
 I love how the waves lines of the grass show up on the backing! 
 The way the backing was pieced - I was able to centre it almost perfectly with the quilt top.   Pretty chuffed about that :-) 
The Meadow Quilt - Lizzy House
Pieced by Erin F.
83'' x 95''
Superior Magnifico Thread on top,  Wonderfil Decobob thread in bobbin
Hobbs 100% heirloom wool
Hand guided quilting by me on my APQS machine

If you have any questions about this quilt or process always feel free to ask!   

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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Some Carolyn Friedlander quilts

A client of mine, Erin  asked me to quilt a couple of Carolyn Friedlander style quilts that she had made.    They are so beautiful.   Truthfully, I had to think about these for a little bit and what I noticed, is that much of the style is more 'organic' and 'freeform' lines and design.   Not so much ruler straight and square patterns.    
This quilt was pieced together in sections of low volume fabrics.  Erin chose colourful, fussy cut fabrics (things that her daughter loves) for her centrepiece circles.  She arranged them in beautiful colour value order.
I quilted around the circles using organic (meaning not perfect) cross hatching and grid quilting.  
At one point I actually re loaded the quilt slightly off square so that I wasn't forced to make such straight lines.  My machine glides super smoothly and straight on its rails, so I needed to do this to help me get more wobbly.   I hope that makes sense!?   
It seems absurd that it was difficult to do slightly 'off' quilting but it was!!
Thanks to our unlandscaped yard (all dirt at the moment) I couldn't get a proper full photo.

 This one is a Carolyn Friedlander Collection Block of the month quilt.  I can't stop saying how much I adore this pattern.   It is so cool.  And it's hand appliqué.   Sigh.
 I used a variety of denser quilting -  lots of geometric straight lines in the lighter backgrounds, to let the piecing pop.
 Some of the larger pieces I quilted lightly with a few straight lines in various directions

 I have found something new I want to try -  appliqué.  
Yes,  you are telling me, yet another thing to try.   
I know. 

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

A few quilts on the go

 Jamie created this sweet modern baby quilt for her new arrival.   I adore the colours and the direction of the flying geese and pinwheels!
 Yes! I still do pantographs on occasion!  This one is called Tranquiltiy.
 I had a brain burst idea one day and had to try something out.    My idea failed miserably, so here is my humble project LOL
Geraldine made this awesome wallhanging for a quilt swap.   I believe the pattern tutorial can be found at ModaBakeShop.  It is super fun to play on small pieces like this.  I love making the piecing pop! 

and just when you thought you knew me....

Have a great week!!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Farmer's Wife Quilt - modern custom quilting

Geraldine contacted me to work on this incredible Farmer's Wife quilt.   She had seen some of my work on Instagram and wanted to work with me.  I was so flattered and totally up for this one!  

The colours in this quilt are stunning and would be a welcome addition to my Great Room.  ha!
This quilt was meticulously pieced.  There are 111 unique blocks in this quilt.   
 Here are sampling of some of the blocks:
 I wanted to quilt them in a way that would showcase the piecing of the blocks - some areas quilted more heavily than others - allowing designs to pop.
 The black sashing was quilted with ribbon candy design, allowing the centre red squares to pop.

I know....a ton of eye candy right?  

I have to admit that about 3/4 of the way through the blocks my new mantra was 'Just Keep Swimming'  - Dory's song..  ha! 

The setting triangles are a simple triangle echo with figure 8 fill.    The outer border I wanted to keep simple and quilted a beadboard design to keep the focus on the blocks.    
 The backing showcased a lot of the quilting as well.... 

The details:
Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt
Pieced by Geraldine H.
Size  81" x 100" 
Batting:   Hobbs Heirloom 100% wool
Thread -  Superior Magnifico on top to match the piecing.   Wonderfil Decobob bobbin thread. 
Hand guided quilting on my APQS machine.

Thank you Geraldine for a spectacular piecing job, and giving me the opportunity to work on this quilt!  

Monday, January 04, 2016

You Inspire Me To Quilt

I'm sure you have all heard by now that Cheryl Arkison has a new quilting book out.  I am really lucky that I live in the same city as her - we have tea from time to time,  my kids get attacked by bees in her back yard.  She cooks with real butter.  She's just a really good soul.  And she can quilt.  
Sheesh, can she quilt. 

When we talk, I love the soul and passion she has for her writing -  she really wants people to get into their creative zone.  We bounce ideas off of each other. She doesn't want to write just another pattern book and pump out the patterns.  Her books give you inspiration,  ideas to jump from,  and wonderful stories that give us a glimpse of real people, and real quilters' lives.   You can read her books with a cup of tea.   
Her new book, You Inspire Me To Quilt , is a cuppa tea kind of book:

I was pretty shocked when Cheryl approached me to contribute to this book.   
First off -  ME?  Have you SEEN my 1/4'' seams?   
Next -  uh...does this mean I have to have my photo taken and write a bio?  LOL.

Her theme and vision for the book -  has someone ever asked you to make a quilt for them?  
What was the experience,  the process,  the outcome?  
Take me through your creative process from start to finish...

So,  I thought it was a great time to finally make that Hockey Quilt for my husband.  The one that I've dreaded for so so long.  The one where he would love to just have Montreal Canadiens cheapo fabric spewed all over the top.   The one that I just could NOT have in my portfolio.   So I made something different.  

It is not regulation sized, nor is it totally to scale.   But it is Canadian themed,  and my man is over the moon about it.   You can read more about my story,  the process of the idea becoming a quilt,  my husband and my sarcasm in the book.  There are many more photos of the quilt as well.....
And you can even make your very own hockey quilt too!     
hand guided quilting by me on my APQS Millennium 
 The book includes several well known contributors and outlines individual process- how do we take that IDEA and transform it, document it , massage it to finally become a quilt.  And yes, there are patterns in the book!

Cheryl Arkison is having a giveaway with prizes!   Who Inspires YOU to Quilt?  Post your photo on twitter or instagram with the hashtag  #youinspiremetoquilt  and you can win!   

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Avignon Picnic gone wild...

Heritage Park Festival of Quilts....

First off...I forgot to show off my backing fabric!  Dots!

Heritage Park Festival of Quilts is held in May every year in Calgary.  Today we had glorious quilt viewing weather!
Quilts hanging from the railings, from the fence lines...
Quilts everywhere...
All over the place..
Look!! We found mine!!! And all the other Avignon Picnic offspring!  
I will never take a serious shot in front of one of my quilts - I will always have fun with it! My boys were up for it too!
This is what the Avignon Picnic grouping was all about....
(click on the photos to see more enlarged detail)

Our quilts were on display in the centre grassy area under the tents...

If only I could read this woman's thoughts on my heavy quilting....I'm pretty sure she would say something like 'those modern quilts have so much dense quilting!'  LOL

Here are photos of all the offspring produced by Avignon Picnic quilt pattern.  I did not take photos up close of the quilting, I was a little unsure if I was allowed to do that! 

Nancy Basserman left,   
Donna Leuw left,  
Joanne Middleton left,   Michelle Middleton right
Jane Goddard
Charmaine Walker
Joanne Middleton
Carol Weland
Lorraine Appleby left,   Colleen Hunter right
Colleen Hunter

Janet Madeyski
Joanne Glasswick
Nancy Basserman 
Bev Rinehart
Donna Leuw

Michelle Middleton

 Isn't it amazing how different colour placements, background changes - make the quilt so different!   I have a few favourites here.  I am so proud of how the group did!