Saturday, May 24, 2014

Avignon Picnic gone wild...

Heritage Park Festival of Quilts....

First off...I forgot to show off my backing fabric!  Dots!

Heritage Park Festival of Quilts is held in May every year in Calgary.  Today we had glorious quilt viewing weather!
Quilts hanging from the railings, from the fence lines...
Quilts everywhere...
All over the place..
Look!! We found mine!!! And all the other Avignon Picnic offspring!  
I will never take a serious shot in front of one of my quilts - I will always have fun with it! My boys were up for it too!
This is what the Avignon Picnic grouping was all about....
(click on the photos to see more enlarged detail)

Our quilts were on display in the centre grassy area under the tents...

If only I could read this woman's thoughts on my heavy quilting....I'm pretty sure she would say something like 'those modern quilts have so much dense quilting!'  LOL

Here are photos of all the offspring produced by Avignon Picnic quilt pattern.  I did not take photos up close of the quilting, I was a little unsure if I was allowed to do that! 

Nancy Basserman left,   
Donna Leuw left,  
Joanne Middleton left,   Michelle Middleton right
Jane Goddard
Charmaine Walker
Joanne Middleton
Carol Weland
Lorraine Appleby left,   Colleen Hunter right
Colleen Hunter

Janet Madeyski
Joanne Glasswick
Nancy Basserman 
Bev Rinehart
Donna Leuw

Michelle Middleton

 Isn't it amazing how different colour placements, background changes - make the quilt so different!   I have a few favourites here.  I am so proud of how the group did!  


  1. Anonymous 10:49 PM

    I had no idea this was happening this weekend... I've lived here six or seven years and never seem to hear about it until it's too late to make plans to go! Every time I miss it, I tell myself I'll attend next year, and then I never hear anything about it again until after it's happened. (I guess it would help if I knew actual local quilters, but I'm a ways off from any of the quilt shops and nearly never get to any of them.)

    I was sort of surprised there are enough Calgary long-armers to produce that many quilts for that challenge (if that's the word I'm looking for?) - I've had you and another gal bookmarked for ages, for if I ever talk myself into sending off any of my stack of unquilted tops, but haven't stumbled online across any other local long-armers. (It's been a plan of mine for at least 4 years with one top in particular, but I'm always afraid that my construction will be off and then it'll be some "quilt it out" horror story and then I'd just be embarrassed, so..)

  2. It's cool to see the same pattern in so many different color choices! I wish I could see it in person - a bit laborsome since I live in Finland ;)

  3. Just fantastic!

  4. Great pictures Andrea...and yes, you can take close ups :), but i like your distance shots, I was busy taking close ups and didn't get the distance ones.

  5. The quilts were amazing!!!!!! Wipgirl, the show is on today as well (Sunday)! I had never been before either and will definitely be going again! Great day in the park!!

  6. Loved seeing all the quilts at Heritage Park this week-end and really enjoyed seeing the different quilting on the same quilt designs (congrats on the design too, BTW - I really liked this pattern). I did take close-up photos of the quilts and I think this is okay - I always identify the quilt maker and quilter if I share these photos on my blog. Also like your choice of colours for your quilt.

  7. Beautiful pattern and such a cool idea for a group. I am going to share with my quilting friends and see about a challenge like this for 2015! Thanks for the idea and sharing all the pictures of all the beautiful quilts. Amazing how the fabric selection and color placements change the look. I too wish I was closer to come visit and see the show!

  8. thanks for posting all these pictures. Sad I missed going this year, but I was seeing other amazing sites (wink wink). Love all the interpretations of your pattern. It always amazes me how fabric and its placement can totally change the look for a quilt. So glad the pink didn't stay in. think i might have to add this pattern to my to do list

  9. This post is perfect. I love the variations for this pattern. I am "teaching" this pattern at a retreat with some quilting friends tomorrow. I am sorry we don't have Internet so I can show them what your group did with the design.


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