Friday, May 30, 2014


My queue is growing....and I'm trying to keep up!
This is a new to me edge to edge freehand design, called Swirl feather...
It looked fantastic on this black and white quilt!

I've analyzed how to do it via Bev at Little House Creations - check out Bev's amazing work. 
Two table toppers, same pattern, completely different looks in fabrics!
I did continuous curves in the hearts, and an overall design in the background.

Love love love this Hawaiian quilt -  A King sized quilt for the cottage.  Lucky family!
I thought the Plumeria pantograph would look  perfect on this....
Plumeria Pantograph  - I enlarged it slightly (permission granted) and it turned out so beautiful!

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  1. Look how smooth those swirls are! Great work.


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