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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

A few quilts on the go

 Jamie created this sweet modern baby quilt for her new arrival.   I adore the colours and the direction of the flying geese and pinwheels!
 Yes! I still do pantographs on occasion!  This one is called Tranquiltiy.
 I had a brain burst idea one day and had to try something out.    My idea failed miserably, so here is my humble project LOL
Geraldine made this awesome wallhanging for a quilt swap.   I believe the pattern tutorial can be found at ModaBakeShop.  It is super fun to play on small pieces like this.  I love making the piecing pop! 

and just when you thought you knew me....

Have a great week!!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Modern Bargello Quilt

I have a new tutorial up at Moda Bake Shop!   Check it out here
I have always loved the Bargello Quilt. This is a version of a simplified bargello - one with sashing to break it up a bit and give it a modern flair. 

We started with lots of practice on curves -  using graph paper.    My son loved helping me with this part.  

 Although the technique isn't quite the same as using the 'tubes' of fabric,  it still gives the practice of how you want your curve to flow.  

While I was planning the bargello I actually changed up the design many many many times.   I just wasn't happy with the look.    I think if I had a different set of fabrics or colours, I may have gone with my original design.    So, I simplified things again and went to my computer.  I used microsoft excel to create a basic idea of my bargello. 

Then I started messing around and adding my first idea -  just vertical sashing.   Wasn't pleased with that, so I added horizontal sashing in random places:   

I liked this idea, and will try it again in the future.  But for a tutorial I thought, how on earth am I going to keep this simple and doable for someone new? 

So I changed it to consistent sashing with rectangular blocks:
which I liked a lot too...but the squares seemed to work best this time!

I quilted the quilt with just wavy lines.  It was so freeing.   I was going fast, I wasn't measuring or marking.  Just 'driving' the machine.   So unlike my usual quilting.  I loved it. 

I love the watercolour effect of this line by Zen Chic called Figures.   It really worked well together.   The colours are gorgeous -   I love that salmon/coral!  

I used 'Suzie's Magic Binding' to create interest in the binding.  I think it looks fantastic!!!  

Quilted on my APQS Millennium using Hobbs 80/20 batting,   Superior Magnifico (navy) and Wonderfil Magnifico Decobob in the bobbin.

If you make one, I would love to see your version of it!    Enjoy your week!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Avignon Picnic gone wild...

Heritage Park Festival of Quilts....

First off...I forgot to show off my backing fabric!  Dots!

Heritage Park Festival of Quilts is held in May every year in Calgary.  Today we had glorious quilt viewing weather!
Quilts hanging from the railings, from the fence lines...
Quilts everywhere...
All over the place..
Look!! We found mine!!! And all the other Avignon Picnic offspring!  
I will never take a serious shot in front of one of my quilts - I will always have fun with it! My boys were up for it too!
This is what the Avignon Picnic grouping was all about....
(click on the photos to see more enlarged detail)

Our quilts were on display in the centre grassy area under the tents...

If only I could read this woman's thoughts on my heavy quilting....I'm pretty sure she would say something like 'those modern quilts have so much dense quilting!'  LOL

Here are photos of all the offspring produced by Avignon Picnic quilt pattern.  I did not take photos up close of the quilting, I was a little unsure if I was allowed to do that! 

Nancy Basserman left,   
Donna Leuw left,  
Joanne Middleton left,   Michelle Middleton right
Jane Goddard
Charmaine Walker
Joanne Middleton
Carol Weland
Lorraine Appleby left,   Colleen Hunter right
Colleen Hunter

Janet Madeyski
Joanne Glasswick
Nancy Basserman 
Bev Rinehart
Donna Leuw

Michelle Middleton

 Isn't it amazing how different colour placements, background changes - make the quilt so different!   I have a few favourites here.  I am so proud of how the group did!  

Friday, May 23, 2014

Quilting my way.

I finally got a chance to quilt my way. Freestyle.
So,  there was this group of colours that I really like because they are odd, unusual and not commonly  found on trend.   So I made a quilt with them way back .    And now again.   Because odd is cool. 

                                   I used my Avignon Picnic Quilt featured on Moda Bake Shop.  

I started by stabilizing all of the blocks and stitching in the ditch around all of the coloured strips.   That was fun.  NOT. 
Pure torture...and a good reflection how piecing and pressing are important parts to the whole quilting process.  ahem.
Did I mention that I was in a manic rush to get this done?
After SID everything,  I quilted wavy 'c'  patterns in the center whitespace of all rectangular blocks
Some of the darker photos are done in my studio with a side lamp to show the texture of the quilting. 
And then I started quilting.... which was basically the funnest doodling ever.
I did have a bit of a plan -  I wanted to make sure there was lots of motion to direct the idea in certain directions, to create flow.   
I may not be the best at this yet, but I sure enjoyed it, and it just looks ultra cool in some places. I've only been doing this for a year on my APQS machine(another post coming up) and I have a lot to learn still.   But darn, this is just so. much. fun.
I just love texture.    
Outdoors, the colours become alive and less muted.   

My Avignon Picnic quilt was enlarged somewhat - by adding one more row.  It measures 64 x 80.   
Thread:  Wonderfil Master Quilter and Decobob in white.
Wonderfil Invisifil in light blue (it's all I had and's invisible)
Batting:  Hobbs 80/20

The coolest thing about this project?   My long arm quilting group in Calgary decided to use this pattern to showcase long arm quilting skills as a group entry at the Heritage Park Festival of Quilts this weekend.      
You don't know how beefy proud I am, but yet totally shy about it as well. 

 I mean, me?   

You cannot believe the ideas that people came up with.   I will take photos this weekend to show the different quilts.  All use Avignon Picnic pattern,  with different fabric combinations and quilting designs.   I am super super proud to see my design in so many new ways.     It's kind of one of those neat little milestones in life that make me feel so happy.   I'm not a for me, if I just play it down or shrug or look away,  know that deep in my heart it is so completely awesome for me, but I can't 'wear it on my sleeve'.   My reward is seeing it in so many variations...and people tweaking my pattern to make it even better!