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ProLite Gear testimonials the Valandre Mirage Sleeping Bag. Promoting like new, in no way slept in, one of the premium sleeping bags on the market. The bag also has an anatomic draft collar to maintain warmth in the bag, when its interlocking draft tube covers the quarter-length zipper to maintain cold out. Please note that for the reason that Valandre sleeping bags are produced to order, there is typically a shipping delay of five-ten days. ProLite Gear reviews the Valandre Mirage Sleeping Bag.

In a land exactly where summers can last decades and winters a lifetime, difficulty is brewing. Valandré utilizes only down from the French Fat Grey Goose, a bird capable of migrating at 33,000 feet (10.000m) in -60°F (-50°C) temperatures for days on finish. Ellie and her women’s company group, the Greenstockings, are helping to open a new museum about nearby history, and though sorting through the collection of artifacts they discover a time capsule from the days of the Gold Rush.

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Valandre has dug deep into its bag of tricks this time and made the Odin Neo percent lighter than its predecessor. A high-finish high quality duck down sleeping bag. The zip-away Marie Antoinette draft collar allows you to sit up comfortably and use the bag not only for sleeping but also for sitting about in cold circumstances. One particular asked, “Are you confident that it’s down, and not helium?” Valandre makes use of the ideal down I have seen and I have had the opportunity to test a lot of of the best sleeping bags.

If you want to enter your very first expertise of cold winter conditions, confronting critical damaging temperatures and on a affordable spending budget, a “”900g Pyrenean duck”” will do the job. My old three season bag (Sierra Styles shackleton”) was rated for -7c and weighed 4lbs 10oz, that is a ridiculously heavy sleeping bag for backpack hunting, and whilst it was comfy for any early hunts, it was unquestionably not warm on some of those nights when the temps would drop beneath freezing.

ProLite Gear critiques the Valandre Mirage Sleeping Bag.

Valandre or Feathered Mates sleeping bag. Similarly for the California Sierra’s it is a accurate 4 season sleeping bag, light sufficient for summer season and warm enough for autumn, spring and yes, winter.I utilised it with light layering at Lee Vining at -12F and was perfectly comfortable. The foundation of all Valandré’s sleeping bags is the Tubular Bell building method. The sleeping bag arrived about six organization days later and I pulled it out for inspection.

European Norm ratings give this bag a comfort level at -two degrees Fahrenheit, but Valandre’s crew suggest you can survive in temps well under zero, must an unexpected cold front move by way of the mountains. I am taking into consideration getting a Valandre Lafayette sleeping bag and was wondering if any of you have had practical experience with this bag. For the duration of an open bivy with measured winds of 55 mph, the wind buffeted the sleeping bag but did not penetrate that full collar.

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The bag is surely tight fitting (I possibly must have went with the massive size), but that’s a price you pay for such a lightweight and efficient piece of gear. And when these compartments are filled with the French Fat Grey Goose down, they essentially lift off your physique as the bag warms up. Immediately after spending as well quite a few cold and uncomfortable nights in my old Sierra Styles synthetic sleeping bag, it was clear that I needed to expand my horizons with regards to the new sleeping bags that are on the marketplace now.

Crawling into the bag on my living room floor, I initially wondered if possibly I ought to have went with the massive sized bag, but I fit into the medium with my legs stretched out and a small area to move (what do you anticipate with a lightweight mummy bag?) I am 5’10” and about 200lbs, so if you were any bigger than me, it’s the large you’d want for positive. It is light sufficient for lightweight backpacking and mountaineering and warm adequate for all but the most intense situations.

Valandre Sleeping Bag – The foundation of all Valandré’s sleeping bags is the Tubular Bell building strategy. The sleeping bag arrived about 6 business days later and I pulled it out for inspection.

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