Saturday, October 07, 2006

My favourite month of the year

I love October.... always have...always will. Something about that little chill in the wind... wearing sweaters and light jackets, the dancing leaves, and the colours... oh the colours!

Where I used to live, October was was still my favourite month because of all the things that happen to the season. But because there were mostly evergreens everywhere, there wasn't a huge statement that autumn was here.

Where I am now?'s just spectacular. No we don't have mountains, but the plethora of colour that is out there is breathtaking. It make me love October even more now. The leaves are dancing EVERYWHERE here...tons of deciduous trees here, and the reds and oranges are magnificent.

I love the definition in the seasons here. There is a distinct winter (bah I'll gripe about it soon I'm sure!) spring, summer and fall.

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