Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas Concert Intensity Builds

So this week I'm doubling, tripling and quadrupling classes for building up groups for my concert. A death wish by Friday i'm sure. I haven't told the kids, they just show up and are like ...woah cool, I can sing with my friends! our school is run by a bell system....every 1/2 hour the bell goes, indicating a new period begins. So normally every 1/2 hour they change classes/subjects like robots.

bell rings with my grade 4 and 6 classes in music. i hear it. sing sing sing ignore. you can see the sweat pouring off of some of their foreheads. but... the ... bell MRS HARRIS THE BELL!!! Panic setting in. The bell went we have to go. sing sing sing, ignore...let panic set in more. ehhehe.

Then I tell them at the end of the song. Oh, we may be here for the next hour....I have you for as long as I like, my pretties....I say in my devillish voice. bwahahahaha.... groans and eye rolling are the usual what I expect.

Cheering and yahooing is what I get. Can we stay all afternoon some of them call out. I'm thinking partially that they like it because they don't have to do written work...but I keep em really busy and active and STANDING up (and they hate that!)

These kids LOVE music. We have been doing this concert thing since November 1st and they still love every moment of it. the acting, the dancing, the singing the performing...they LOVE it.

Should be fun. It's all student made, performance, decorations, dance moves etc. I've guided them through it, and they've had input every step of the way. So it's not a broadway musical, nor is it top notch performance that would win awards, but the joy that the peformance is bringing to the kids, and especially to me, is so worth it.

I hope the parents are as proud as I am. :)

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  1. I wish I could see this concert. It sounds like you have something wonderful happening!!


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