Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Snow Forts

The team building that I saw happening outside today at lunch was amazing. The behaviour kids, the "cliques" of kids that don't necessarily mix outside, were all involved in several architectural developments in the snow.

The wind has built up snow drifts off the side walks of the school. The benches are mostly totally covered, so you can walk overtop of the bench seat, and not realize that you are walking ontop of the bench. Lots of snow.

Anyways, these little beavers were working away at several snow forts. Tunnels, seats, walls, windows, igloos inside of forts, slides going down into the tunnel, into a "resting area". The comraderie, the team work and the intensity was outstanding.

They've been working on these forts since last week in -20 weather. Today was nice and mild at +1. As the bell went and they were on their way inside, they were already planning the next blueprints to add on for the next day.

How can one channel that amazing "culture" into the classroom, I wonder?

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