Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My boys

Okay three posts in one day. I've got alot on my mind.

School is going really well.

Home is just awful right now. My DH's eldest son is on major defiancy lately and has had lots of time outs for the last 5 days. I don't know where the hell the old E has gone, but the one that has been living here for the last week really sucks. Parenting has been the toughest most challening thing for me ever to face. I used to think I was very even keeled and patient, but devil child E has certainly disproved this theory. I'm really faced with controlling my own anger and frustration on daily basis right now. Thank god DH and I "tag" team, so I can or he can have a break. I know they all go through phases, and this clearly is just one of the many I'm to face.

Daycare is going very well, and there are no issues there.

Little guy is doing fine..I bet he's observing every moment and learing about how to push my buttons in a few months...just... at...the ...right...time.

they are so fricken smart.


  1. Once your Christmas concert is over you will have more patience for little E. You are just stressed to the max right now. Go rent some videos for him or go get a BIG cup of JAVA and have a pedicure.

  2. Anonymous 12:19 PM

    The parents' motto: This too shall pass. Thank God, eh? Hang tough, Andrea!


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