Saturday, December 16, 2006

Psyching myself up for Christmas

I love Christmas and all, but I've really gone downhill the last few years. I mean, I grew up and things were simple. One or two gifts were what I got for Christmas, and my stocking was filled with nuts and "stuffers". Now it seems like just when I think I'm done, someone else pops up that I somehow "forgot". It's insane. My newest I pick something up for my cleaning ladies? They clean my toilets for fuck's sakes. Gotta get them something to make up for it.

I wish things were simpler. I mean, I don't NEED anything...and to tell you the truth, if I want something or see something I like, I pretty much go and buy it myself, because I'm not a big spender on myself. So if someone asks me what I want, when I say nothing, I really mean it. Get me a magazine, and a cup of tea...take the monsterschildren out for a few hours and let me have peace and quiet for awhile.

Stocking stuffers. What the hell/who the hell thought of this? I I really have to wrap up the toothpaste I just bought you? I'm wandering the aisles at the local store guessing at any stupid item to throw into hubby's stocking. I'm so untrained at this tradition, it kills me. I think it's a bloody waste of money, time and effort. Why do I have to specifically buy after shave for his stocking? Does he really need me to WRAP a pair of socks?

Yeah yeah....I know what you're thinking. But to tell you the truth...I'd be happy with ROCKS in my stocking. At least I could use them in for drainage in my planters in the spring.


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  1. Hi Andrea. Just reading your archives. I always enjoy seeing your work. I have had this discussion internally and with my family. I would rather just adopt another family. Hopefully we will this year. None of us really need. We get what we need when we need. I just love this post. So raw and real.


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